Hand Readings

Your Life Purpose is found in your unique fingerprint pattern. Find out what your hands reveal….

The Key to your success is in your hands. Find your purpose and start living your life with passion. Unlock the secrets unique to only you. There is so much juicy information to be discovered. All the answers lie within your very own hands.

What do your hands reveal?

Hand Analysis isn’t new, it’s been around for decades. The information that lies within the fingerprints include your:

Life Purpose -Your life purpose is where your passion lies; it’s what you love to do and what you’re good at. Your purpose is the key to having joy in your life and complete fulfillment!

Life Lesson – Your life lesson is your tribulation in life that’s shows up over and over again. It’s what holds you back in life. When you recognize your lesson you can overcome the obstacles that life presents.

Life School – Your life school is your spiritual foundation for your lifetime.

The Fingerprint patterns are apparent at birth and carry through our entire life. Once you unlock the secrets in your hands, your life will never be the same.

Additional Information provided during your hand analysis:

  • Your will, determination & Natural capabilities
  • Your ability or inability to get results
  • How much you desire to control your life
  • Whether you’re making decisions in your head or heart
  • If you are set in your ways or open to new ideas
  • Whether you have a tendency to ask for help or do everything yourself.
  • AND MORE….

You have a special gift! You are here to deliver to the world. You can find out what that is and how to apply it to your life.

When you start to live your Life Purpose you will find that your life is filled with passion. You will find the excitement we all seek and pure satisfaction in the work that you do. When you do what you were made to do life requires much less effort and things begin to flow. The things you take for granted that are so easy for you to do are the very things you can step into and change your life.

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