Law of Attraction

The universal laws of the universe are in affect at all times. We recognize the Law of Gravity even though we cannot see it. We can however, observe the effects of the law and therefore establish it exists. The Law of Attraction exists in much the same way, it is although more difficult to measure and describe. The basic premise of the Law is that likes attract. Law of Attraction is a sub category of the Law of Magnetism.

The Law of Attraction is based on the vibration of energy. All matter exudes energy and we have all been in situations where we can intuitively feel the energy around us. When we are in an energy that is heavier than we are used to, we have a tendency to want to remove ourselves from the heaviness as it is uncomfortable. Another experience is when we think about certain things or are in a particular environment one can feel better than usual and want to stay in that space. We are having sensitivity to the vibrations around us all the time.

The thoughts that we are used to holding and pondering also contain a vibration. When we dwell on negativity regularly, we attract more of the same. When we are focused on success and the things that we want, our vibration level has a tendency to rise. The highest vibration one can hold is that of joy, happiness and bliss. When one holds this vibration, lower level energies are not a match.

When we set our intentions clearly and implement actions to obtain our goals, we can attract what we want with ease. The problem is most are unaware of how the process works exactly. The universe is very literal and does not interpret our intentions the same way that we do at times.

One example of this is a woman who had struggled financially in her past relationships clearly set her intention and desires for a future relationship. She said she wanted her next man to be rich. The universe delivered a man to her named Rich!!

Another example is a person wanting a lot of money to come to them, and therefore a tragic accident occurs and they receive a large insurance settlement. Not likely how they envisioned the money coming to them.

The main focus must be on what we want, with as much detail as possible, leaving the method of delivery open to all possibilities in one’s highest good. Therefore, tragedy does not need to occur but miracles are possible!!

This takes practice to master, but many tools and techniques exist to help the process. One of the most effective ways to start using these principles is to learn how to trust the process. When one believes that they will be provided with exactly what they are asking for and they understand that it is not up to them to determine how it will happen then the allowing process comes much easier.

A crucial aspect is to take action after your intention is set. This can be the deal stopper for many. This is when accountability from a partner, coach or mentor is essential. The biggest obstacle people face is follow through. Having a system in place to check in and make sure things continue on task will change everything and bring your dream, desires and vision into reality.