Joel Bauer – She “…made me excited about the decisions I’m making!” “She helps you to see yourself.”

Tricia Piquero –
“Melissa’s services have changed my life. She provided me with a set of tools that have empowered me to take charge of my circumstances. She especially increased my understanding of how my subconscious mind affects the choices I make.

Melissa changed my perspective enabling me to view circumstances in a positive light. I learned how to interpret the messages I receive through the words and actions of others, helping me improve my relationships with others, including my relationship with my husband.

Melissa helped me remove beliefs that were interfering with my ability to generate wealth. In particular, she helped me break-through a barrier that had been limiting me for a decade. Because of her help, I am a better, healthier, more productive, and potentially more wealthy person than I was before.

Caroline Robertson –
“Prior to working with Melissa, I was a constantly worrying that things were not going to work for me in my personal and business life. In the first session with Melissa, I walked out feeling like a totally new person. I was positive, believed in myself and others and was no longer scared to face issues that had been of concern in the past.    My husband and work colleagues noticed an immediate change in me. I no longer wanted to work around negative people, and clearly explained this to them. This was not going to make me reach my personal goals.   Now, it is amazing, if I truly want something in my life, it comes…I know this sounds too good to be true, but trust me, I have been able to make positive changes in my personal life and circumstances, and working life also.   I meet with Melissa on a monthly basis now, if I feel I am going slightly off focus, she puts me back on track.

Baeth Davis – “Why Melissa’s work is so valuable… I am so much more present, alive and joyful. .. I am continuing to feel the reverberations.. of her work.”

Deb Hurt – The hand reading…”..validated what I thought about myself..” “It gave my life structure..” “..I totally felt okay about myself.” “Now I have a blueprint for who I am.”

Kathy Kuhns – “..I thought..Will this really work?” “I was very, very surprised…” “She helped me to understand what my purpose is..”

Elaine Davis – “She helped me understand why I’ve been stuck..” “She was so dead on with my issues. It was shocking.””It was incredibly enlightening..”