ThetaHealing® is a healing method that focuses on thought and prayer. ThetaHealing® teaches how to use our natural intuition, and rely on the unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual healing.

By changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emotional healing. The effects of ThetaHealing® are profound and can have a significant impact on one’s life if they are open to the healing.

When you receive a ThetaHealing® session, you will see your own intuitive abilities and look at how life works in a very different way. When you experience spontaneous physical and emotional healing you start to realize you can have what you want in life and begin to see what is holding you back. Using this process, you will be able to change your reality and face your fears.

ThetaHealing® is designed to make changes to the person on a core level, change the DNA of the body and Soul as well as the history of one’s ancestors. The body functions as a whole and therefore, one’s belief system affects their emotions, spirituality, mental wellbeing and their physical body.

ThetaHealing® is a highly effective vehicle for working with the mind and the limiting beliefs that hold us back and create disease in our bodies. The scientific research around the mind and neuropathways of the brain show how powerful and influential our beliefs are. There is evidence that toxic emotions contribute to disease in the body and there is increased awareness that emotions, feelings and the power of thought have a direct impact on our physical health as well.

Many new studies demonstrate interest in changing how the mind influences the body to create optimum health. Belief and Feeling Work empower people with the ability to remove and replace negative emotions, feelings and thoughts with positive, beneficial ones. ThetaHealing® can provide the miracles for your life that you have been searching for.